PDF Me, Inc. How to Master the Business of Being You: A Personalized Program for Exceptional Living

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It is no longer acceptable to have subpar service when both you and the client have so many tools at your disposal. Customer happiness is the key to business success, and as long as customer make purchases, it always will be. Make the year of the customer, and the customer will make it a year for the record books. Advantages of Using Service Cloud. Customer Relationship Management. What is Cloud Computing? Sales Tools. Service Cloud. Watch Demo. Make sure that you have the right tools.

Customer service is about more than simply smiling and being friendly.

Me, Inc: How to Master the Business of Being You

In the digital world of , businesses are expected to be able to resolve a large volume of customer issues across a variety of media and platforms. If you want to be able to give your customers a consistently positive experience, give your agents the tools they need.

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When a service agent is unable to quickly resolve a client issue, the first response is often to pass the customer off to another agent. After all, the hope is that the new agent will be better equipped to find a solution. However, transferring the client to another representative is often counter-productive.

Be willing to spend money to improve your customer service. Some business leaders recognize the value of improved customer service, but see the associated costs as prohibitively expensive. So, if cost is holding you back, let the clients pay the difference — everyone will be happier in the long run.

However, this just is not the case. Recognize the value of social media in customer service. As the saying goes, no person is an island — especially in the age of social media and online reviews. Give social media, and those who use it, the focus they deserve. Never leave a social media query unanswered. Social media is designed to make it possible for you to connect with your clients in a down-to-earth, personal way.

Of course, that makes it all the more damaging to the company-client relationship when social media service requests go unanswered. Listen to feedback.

Customer feedback, both positive and negative, is an invaluable resource. No news is not always good news.

Publisher's Summary

Be proactive about locating the flaws in your customer service processes. Use automation, but not exclusively. Many customers experience problems which can be easily resolved via automated CRM systems. That having been said, some customers would rather speak directly to a living person right away.

Clear communication will get you a long way. If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. Gain the ability to simplify any task so that even the least technical person can be able to follow along. By practicing this you will eliminate many miscommunication problems. Also avoid use of technical jargon, simplify as much as possible, or give an explanation of what you are referring to. Simplicity is key. Explanations that are efficient and effective will immensely benefit the customer base and their satisfaction levels. A real person drives real results. Natural and genuine interactions will have a greater positive impact than forced ones.

So how do you ensure natural interactions? You start by hiring amazing people, then you train them with the right interpersonal and service skills, and finally you give them the freedom to do their job well. A well trained rep will be more compelling than someone just reading from a script — such as when dealing with upset clients. This task cannot be achieved through a preformatted customer support piece; you need representatives with the service skills and emotional intelligence to effectively remedy the situation.

Demonstrating care takes a genuine person to make a connection happen. Understand your customer by becoming the customer. Anticipating desires before they arise will help improve the overall experience for the consumer. Understanding their viewpoint, it will be much easier to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Be memorable. Great customer service goes a long way. Take an ordinary request to the next level to show the client that you care and are willing to do what it takes to keep them happy. This is crucial, because receiving accolades from a consumer is much more powerful in this day in age due to social media.

Any competent CEO would get proactive and start developing and implementing a plan for success. Now think about your life. Isn't it just as important as any business? Over the course of 12 "milestones" and accompanying exercises, you'll learn what you want and why, create your custom exceptional living plan based on your ultimate goals, use that plan as an everyday guide to living, and learn how to maintain your momentum and stay on track. You'll take stock of your most important "clients", gather feedback on your actions, set goals and priorities, and implement plans for change and constant improvement.

Rather than float through life, you'll take control, be your own boss, and steer You, Inc. You only lead one life, so why lead an average one? Stop living by accident and start living on purpose. Practical guide about building a plan for your life filled with great ideas.

Just as you can create a successful business, you can do the same for your life. I really enjoyed listening to it, doing the suggested activities and contemplating the concepts and strategies the author suggested. It's a clever way to access where you are and where you want to be, and find the best way to get there. This book is exactly what I was looking for. It definantly 'delivers' on content.

The customer service skills that matter

Given that, I find it is too much of a workbook for an audio version to be useful. If it wasn't for that, I'd probably have given this one five stars. Listening to the audio version has however, inspired me to go out and buy a hard copy. While the idea of paying for the same book twice bothers me a little, I'm not sure I would have picked up the book if I hadn't seen it here first.

Very motivational and practical for a better you!! This hook if followed will change one's life for the better.


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Thumbs up for Me Incorporated. So the quality of narration is critical for any audiobook. Unfortunately the narration on this audio book is horrible with a matter-of-fact tonality - which for me took away from the content of the book. The audiobook seems to just mention a checklist of things to do but not HOW to do much of what is recommended. I found this frustrating because I'm a very practical down to earth person who wants to implement new strategies immediately, not wander with my head in the cloud and be lectured at from a stage about the things i should do.

The basis of the book is to run your life as if you were running a business. So if you are business minded already then this book will provoke interesting thoughts you will agree with. If you are not business minded then you may frequently wander what they are talking about.

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I felt that the core ideas were good, but outdated, compared to some of the advanced ways of improving your life e. Google "NLP".