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Believed to be around years old, there is a generation gap of at least several centuries between the Darley Oak and the second oldest tree in Cornwall.

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In its surrounding fields it has seen houses built and a community born. Myths, superstitions and folklore have been hung upon its branches. It has been nurtured, climbed, partied in, damaged, supported, sketched, measured, photographed, honoured and hugged many times throughout its long life. Builders have unearthed a lost Victorian street in Cornwall.

Before the Normans invaded, and before villages, woods and farmland on the edge of Bodmin Moor were recorded in the Domesday Book, it is claimed that the Darley Oak was mentioned in the year , in documents belonging to the Dingle family, who owned the land for around years. If it really was worthy of noting, it would have been a mere sapling at the time. By the time the Darley Oak was years old, it was maturing into an adult tree and producing good crops of acorns.

The nearby town of Launceston was also enjoying growth at this time. As the Earldom of Cornwall, its wooden castle perched on top of a hill was rebuilt in stone, and commanded views stretching out towards the moors and the young, thriving oak. In , when the Darley Oak was almost years old, the Charter of the Forest was drawn up.

Much of Cornwall had been designated as Royal Forest by King John, but after the charter, only a few private hunting grounds survived. Yet none as long as the Darley Oak. By the time the plague hit Cornwall, the Darley Oak was a huge, strong tree. In , it would have, no doubt, produced hundreds of acorns, but in the land surrounding it, almost half the population was wiped out by the Black Death. Though whether it would have already been hollow by that age is questionable.

1,000+ Year Old Tree — A Find of a Lifetime!

On the other side of the moor, MP for Bodmin, Thomas Flamank joined a blacksmith called Michael Joseph in leading the Cornish Rebellion against disproportionate war taxes forced upon the county in , when the Darley Oak was nearing half a century old. By the end of the ensuing battle, around 2, Cornishmen lost their lives, including Flamank and Joseph, who became known as An Gof.

Over the next years, Darley Farm, its surrounding outbuildings and threshing house, as we see them today, were built with the already ancient oak as their centrepiece. A wall was built around the tree, enclosing and protecting it within the front garden of the farm. The Darley family who lived in Darley Ford had left the hamlet by the s, but legend has it that one of their descendants returned as a ghost some years later. Vincent Darley of nearby North Hill, died in , by which point the Darley Oak was already one of the oldest trees in Cornwall.

Soon after, it was reported that he haunted the road between Darley Ford and North Hill as an apparition of a black dog. As the ghost stories of the dog called Darley spread, it is recorded that residents of Darley Farm went in search of him one dark night. By the beginning of the Victorian era, the Darley Oak was renowned for its great age and size, and much folklore and superstition was now given to the tree. It was claimed to have many healing properties and the ability to grant certain wishes and increase fertility if you passed through the hollow and walked around the girth of the tree on the encircling path.

Its acorns were used as amulets by woman during pregnancy to bring them good luck. In fact, by this time the girth of the oak was so great and the hollow so wide, that tea parties were even held inside the celebrated tree. Harvey, in which Joseph Polsue adds the following note:. At this time, he records a lesser 27 foot circumference measured at five feet.

It may be. Firstly that it has been recorded as a significant hollow tree for a few centuries before that and would have grown very slowly, and secondly that is stands on very shallow soil above the granite outcrop of Bodmin Moor poor quality ground that would have slowed its growth rate during its whole life.

In my view it might reasonable be assumed that this is a tree between and years old. She has lived at the farm for almost 50 years, and her husband had lived there for years before. It was in the late sixties, she says, that her husband saw a huge section of the hollow tree break off one day, as he was driving his tractor up the lane. The cores can be used to examine rings and date the trees. And getting into position to core an intact tree is not an easy task.

The old trees have bulging buttresses that are part of the root system, so researchers carry ladders through the swamp to reach high enough on the trunk. Once back in the lab, scientists examine the chronology—the width—of the rings. As trees grow, they form distinctive rings rippling out from the center. By examining the center ring, one can date the tree. The beautiful cypress wood is a library of stories found nowhere else. For example, Stahle has used bald cypress growth rings to pinpoint a drought beginning in and lasting two years—the worst in more than 1, years—that coincided with the Lost Colony of Roanoke disappearing from an island off the North Carolina coast.

Another seven-year drought occurred during the early years of the also-doomed settlement at Jamestown, Virginia.

One of Stahle's goals for dating the Black River trees was to document their age in hopes of contributing to their conservation. During his research, The Nature Conservancy had permission to visit the stand. Last year, it purchased the acres including the Three Sisters area as part of 19, acres protected along the Black River.

The river, as black as its name, flows 66 miles through the state before emptying into the Cape Fear River.

In the shallow-water maze of the Three Sisters, Carl leads me to the oldest tree. Time hasn't been kind to the bald cypress. Knobs and arthritic bulges protrude from the trunk, the top appears blown off, and fledgling limbs sprout from the top like the overgrown eyebrows of an old man. We paddle downstream and back through time. The trees arise out of the water's mysterious gloom, highlighted against a white-grey morning sky. We weave our kayaks through the broken stumps of dead youngsters and the giant knees of ancients. Some of the larger trees are hollow, still alive thanks to pencil-thin limbs dotted with light green leaves.

Later, when we return ashore, Carl says that 15 years after starting her job on the river, she still finds each visit magical. The Conservancy doesn't plan to mark the oldest tree. After all, it's just the one that's been identified. They all look different.

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They all have their own personalities. They're like grumpy old men and old women hanging out in this swamp looking down at you and saying, you are a blip in my existence. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Policy , Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology.

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